KT's New Color Fly Masks with fleece trim are made with Textilene mesh material, are fade resistant and are 70% UV protection.  All fly masks are doubled stitched with a velcro fastener.  To clean, simply hose off or rinse in a bucket.


The fly masks come in 22 different colors: Orange, Fluoresecent Orange, Pink, Purple, Lime Green, Green, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Dark Blue,  Yellow, Suncast Blue, Red, White, Tan, Multi Color Pink, Navy, Black, Grey, Turquoise, Red/White/Blue, Autumn Fern and Green/Teal. *Seven of the colors are not made with Textilene Mesh  (Fluoresecent Orange,Turquoise and dark blue mesh are made from VC mesh.  The red/white/blue, multi color pink, pink and purple mesh are made from PVC mesh which is 50% UV protection.)  


The fly masks also come in a variety of sizes: Foal, Mini, Ex. Small, Small (13h Pony), Medium (Arabian), Large (Quarter Horse), Ex. Large, and Warmblood.  The fly masks come in different styles: regular, with ears, with a nose cover (short or long), and with nose cover and ears.  Ears are made from a jersey mesh material.  Fly masks also can be made with a barrel racer, stars, horseshoes, bucking horse,  or any other idea.    




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Pictured: Turquoise with #12 trim